our Outreach Programs

Parkminster Church is involved in a variety of different missions projects, both at home and around the globe. We have these projects in order to further our goal of serving God, through work serving others.

Haiti Team 2019

In August of 2019, Parkminster Church will be sending a team to Haiti for a week long service project. They will be partnering with the organization Servants in Fellowship. Through the organization, members of our community will be able to travel to Haiti and minister to the people there through different projects, including construction, education, and evangelical programs. This benefits the people of Haiti by providing them with much needed assistance to their communities. In addition, this challenges the team members traveling there to step out of their comfort zone, give a new perspective in culture and faith, as well as empowering them to use their abilities to serve the Lord.
Coordinator: Jeff Willit
(585) 233-0382

Healthy Harvest

Our food cupboard, Healthy Harvest, provides food to neighbors in need of short-term relief. We are available to distribute food by appointment.
Healthy Harvest offers about $35.00 worth of groceries. We do not offer cash, as it may be abused. Neighbors in need are welcome to return for food after one month.
This is one of our community outreach programs specifically designed for the Gates-Chili area.
Coordinator: Lisa Pooley
(585) 472-4226

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The prayer shawl ministry is comprised of a group of people in the congregation have come together to knit prayer shawls for those who are sick or recovering. They reach out to the individuals and provide prayer, as well as knitted shawls for them in order to help stay connected to those in the community who may be struggling.
Coordinator: Pat Romanowski
(585) 469-8397

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