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Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.

Growth is something that is important in the lives of Christians. Here at Parkminster, we are working to grow both ourselves and those around us in faith, fellowship, and our community. We encourage everyone to continue to walk outside of their comfort zone, and take the next steps into their relationship with the Lord. Here are some ways that we might be able to help you take those next steps. 


  1. If you are considering Parkminster for the first time, the best thing you can do is come to one of our services! By clicking the box below, you can learn more about what our services here are like, and what you can expect going in. In addition, there will be an option to provide your information and set up a date to come and visit!
  2. After services, don't forget to visit the Welcome cafe, where there is coffee and hot chocolate readily available. This is a great opportunity to help get to know the people in our community!
  3. If you do decide that Parkminster is for you, we encourage you to take our Baptism and New Member Classes, led by our very own David Jackson, who is providing pastoral care for Parkminster Church.


  1. For anyone who might be looking to get to know the members in the community, check out our Life Groups page by clicking on the link below! Parkminster Life Groups meet frequently and often discuss things about everyday life, which is a great way to meet new people!
  2. Families with younger children are encouraged to visit our Shine Kids page, which is our all new children's ministry program for kids Kindergarten through 5th grade
  3. Calling all youth! Prism Student Ministries Invites you to attend one of our Thursday evening gatherings, where middle and high school students hang out, play games, and learn about the Lord!
  4. For those graduating high school, check out our Lighthouse Young Adult group, who is comprised of a group of people who love God and others! We welcome any college students or anyone who has graduated high school and wants to connect with the people in the area!
  5. Make friends at our Midweek events, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together as a community!


  1. Are you looking to further your relationship with God? Partner with a mentor to help you with your walk in your faith! Parkminster Church offers a mentorship program led by Kathy Crosby, which can help you with the growth you might be looking for!
  2. Have questions about your faith? Going through ups and downs? David Jackson is providing pastoral care and help for any members in the community seeking assistance in their faith, or those looking to grow. He is available upon request throughout the week, for meetings and prayer!


  1. Looking for ways to serve in the area? Visit our outreach page and join a team that you can work with to help serve the community!
  2. Want to volunteer in the church? Fill out the form at the bottom of this section with request to get involved around Parkminster church! There are a variety of programs you can be involved in, including Welcome team, production, Park Cafe Team, family ministry team, and others!
  3. Other church service positions include worship band, video, lighting, sound, projection, creative design, and photography.


Interested in becoming a leader? Volunteer to step up and lead for any of the following ministries and groups:
  1. Life Group Leader
  2. Team Leader- Outreach
  3. Kids Leader
  4. Youth Leader
  5. Young Adult Leader
  6. Leadership Development pipeline

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit our Outreach Programs page to check out what we have to offer as outreach to the community! Parkminster Church provides a variety of programs to help better the world around us, and it is our goal to reach as many as possible!
Some of the Outreach Programs include:
  1. Summer's Best Two Weeks
  2. Healthy Harvest
  3. Prayer Shawl Ministry
  4. Haiti Mission Trip Team

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